Python Development with Eclipse IDE and PyDev

This course will serve as a guide for you to Download, Install, and Run Eclipse for Python Developers.

In 2017 Python is the most popular Programming Languages,it has taken the #1 slot from C, jumping from its #3 ranking in 2016 (IEEE Spectrum rankings). Python is great or web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps. If you decide to write code in Python then you should consider an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as Eclipse. The installation process requires attention and rigorous sequence of steps, exactly what this course offers you. Most videos are interactive and have stop points to focus you on the important elements of the installation steps or direct links to the application download source.

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Curriculumul Curs

What do you need
Software and Paths Detalii 00:00:17
Downloads Applications
Download Java Platform (JDK) Detalii 00:01:00
Download Python Detalii 00:00:46
Download Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers Detalii 00:00:44
Install Applications
Install Java Platform (JDK) Detalii 00:00:59
Install Python Detalii 00:01:00
Install Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers Detalii 00:02:00
Setting up Eclipse for Python
Install PyDev plugin in Eclipse Detalii 00:02:00
Configuring Python Interpreter Detalii 00:02:00
Add Python Perspective to Eclipse Detalii 00:01:00
Installation testing
New Python Project Detalii 00:00:57
New Python file within a project Detalii 00:00:54
Run Python Program Detalii 00:00:28
Check Your Steps
Mind Maple Installation Guide Detalii 00:01:00
Download Mind Maple Installation Guide Detalii 00:00:01



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